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  Our pledge to you is that we will not sell, barter, trade, exchange, give, or reveal your email address to anyone for any purpose whatsoever. We may display on our Endorsements list only name, general geographical information (city-state/province-nation), and any religious or spiritual identification that you have provided on the endorsement form you may use. Geographical information is displayed in order to underscore the global span of this initiative and its broad support around the world. The religious/spiritual identification information you may provide is displayed to underscore the true interfaith nature of our constituency, and thus its universality.

We may contact you by email in the future for the express purpose of furthering the mission of the Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change to support a meaningful response to the climate crisis that we collectively face. It is expected that such contact will be infrequent.

If your endorsement was on behalf of an organization, we have requested a contact phone number as well. If you choose to provide one, our pledge of privacy is the same concerning that information, namely that we will not share it with anyone for any reason. We may, however, contact you by phone for the express purpose of engaging the cooperation/participation of your organization in our shared mission.

In no case will contact be made with you for any commercially oriented purpose. You may opt out of being contacted by the IDCC team at any time by sending an email to with the subject line ‘Opt Out’.


The Interfaith Declaration on Climate Change - an initiative for all people united by our common needs and aspirations on a shared planet - in cooperation with the Energy + Environment Foundation. Any financial contribution you wish to make to the IDCC may be tax deductible. Please consult your tax advisor in this regard.

The IDCC project may be considered a lobbying organization under US law or the laws of other nations. However, the IDCC project does not advocate for or against specific political candidates, but rather advocates on behalf of or against particular issues, legislation, administrative policies or regulations pertinent to climate change mitigation and adaptation.

The IDCC Team
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